Covid-19 Test

247 Home Care Services provides a full range of COVID -19 testing services; including onsite training and clinical overnighting, rapid antigen screening and PCR testing, as well as staffing support and result delivery. All our services are offered by well-trained health professionals

Personal care & Support Services

Personal care services are services that aim to help seniors and other individuals who need assistance with their activities of daily life. These are day to day activities that we, who are completely able bodied, take for granted.

Household Duties

The home carers we work with understand that preparing nutritious meals is an essential element of a comprehensive approach to elderly care. Skipping meals can be harmful, particularly if your loved one has special dietary requirements and strict medication-related meal times.


Companionship care varies significantly from person to person, but generally aims to reduce or prevent loneliness in an elderly person who might otherwise become isolated. This type of care can vary from several hours a day to just a few hours a week, and can make a huge difference to the day-to-day outlook of someone who would be totally alone. Loneliness is a huge problem as it can cause depression and exacerbate illnesses and conditions.

24 Hours and Live In Care

A live-in carer will look after the patients 24 hours a day and assist with specific needs to help them live as independently as possible, whether it is helping with daily tasks, personal care or specialist medical care.


About Covid-19

No – the High Commission cannot book your flights for you. Consular services at the High Commission, particularly in the current circumstances, must focus on assisting Canadians in distress requiring urgent assistance. In most cases, travellers should take responsibility for changing their own travel arrangements, taking into consideration that airlines are extremely busy responding to calls at present. Many travellers have found that contacting a local travel agent has been very helpful in identifying travel options.

No. At this time, proof of vaccination does not replace a negative test result. While a vaccine protects an individual from illness, further evidence is required to understand whether a vaccinated person can still transmit the virus

Yes, temporary foreign workers are still required to quarantine for 14 days on arrival, even if they have received a negative COVID-19 test result within 72 hours prior to departure

Yes, at this time, all travellers, regardless of vaccination status, must follow entry restrictions, testing or quarantine

  • As of April 23, 2021, before leaving the airport, travellers will be provided with a COVID-19 At Home Specimen Collection kit (test kit) with instructions for taking their test at day 8 during their mandatory 14-day quarantine period. For those arriving in Canada before April 23, 2021 the test will be taken on day 10 of the 14-day quarantine
  • These tests are required by travellers who have received a negative on-arrival test
  • For more information on travelling to Canada, visit the COVID-19: Travel, testing, quarantine and borders page
  • The Government of Canada has introduced new supports for employers of temporary foreign workers in the agriculture, agri-food, fish and seafood sectors to support the facilitation of the COVID-19 test
    • A new dedicated call centre and email channel for employers of temporary foreign workers in these sectors has been introduced by the organization managing the day-8 COVID-19 tests across Canada – Switch Health
    • Switch Health can assist directly in the facilitation of the second COVID-19 test for temporary foreign workers in a safe and secure manner
    • By contacting Switch Health directly at 1-888-511-4501 or emailing employers will be prompted to provide specific information about their organization so that the second COVID-19 test can be administered in a manner that best supports the organization and their workers
  • The following information is important for processing tests:
    • when swabs are sent to Switch Health, they must be labelled according to the instructions in the test kit
    • each worker must write their name on the label provided and place it on the test tube, being careful not to cover the serial number
  • Employers must also use these new channels to contact Switch Health directly if there are any concerns about outstanding COVID-19 tests for temporary foreign workers. Temporary foreign workers cannot leave their place of quarantine until they have:
    • completed their full 14-day quarantine, and
    • received a negative test result from their day 8 or day 10 test
  • Temporary foreign workers are permitted to leave quarantine to have their second COVID-19 test if required
  • As of April 23, all travellers will need to take their second on-arrival COVID-19 test on day 8 after arriving in Canada, instead of day 10. Moving to day 8 will help identify positive cases and allow sequencing of variants of concern sooner
  • In jurisdictions with an Alternate Testing Protocol agreement in place, the timing of the second test will follow that jurisdictions process
  • This change in the day of testing applies to those arriving in Canada on April 23 and going forward
  • Travellers who arrived in Canada before April 23, 2021, will continue to take their test on day 10 of their quarantine, as they were instructed upon entry to Canada
  • In some cases, on-arrival and post-arrival tests for temporary foreign workers arriving to Canada are administered by provincial health authorities. In these cases, the timing of the post-arrival test will follow the existing alternate testing protocols agreed upon between the province and the federal government